5 Mistakes that new streamers make

5 Mistakes that new streamers make

hey guys what’s going on my name is
Vanessa I also go by the name gothix model on twitch and I am back to bring
you another quick video and today we’re gonna be talking about the 5 most common
mistakes that I see new streamers make so before I start listen it is 8 o’clock
in the morning I haven’t had my coffee yet so if I’m feeling a little you know
stuttered over my words and my eyes and my clothes I assure you I’m here I’m
just my soul my soul is not with my body right now ok so let’s get right to it
the first mistake that I see streamers make is deprioritizing and what I mean
by this is a lot of streamers focus on getting the best high definition camera
$200 microphone a super super supe t’ up top-of-the-line pc which is good you
want a good PC or a console to start streaming but you don’t need amazing
shit to start streaming ok we’re talking about what is absolutely
necessary the bare-bones minimum for you to go live so another part of this is I
see a lot of streamers they focus on I want to get a logo I want to get all
these graphics I want my alerts to look like yours and guys you know me I have
crazy crazy alerts I put them together myself it has gotten to a point that I
have had to put a disclaimer in my discord to please ask people to not
message me about my alerts and ask me for tutorials and I do this for a few
reasons the first is my inbox gets flooded I get asked at least 10 times a
day and the second part is it would be detrimental in an injustice to you as a
streamer for me to tell you how to do my alerts because number one there’s no
individuality in that at all you should be doing something specific to your own
brand and number two I didn’t have crazy alerts for the longest time I had
this is what I had I think we broke it mal broke okay all right so now that
I’ve shown you that let me just reiterate that your content and the
quality of the content you produce comes first cool alerts or awesome equipment
is not going to keep somebody in your channel to watch your content if that
content isn’t there or there’s no quality to it they’re not gonna stay
okay so worried about expensive branding and equipment later down in the road all
right so the next thing we’re gonna talk about is the inability to mind your
business okay this can fall into two categories so let’s just say inability
to mind your business or intentionally being combative okay
social media the second that you decide you want to be a content creator your
social media is no longer private everything you say will now have some
type of repercussion attached to it so if you use your Twitter or your
Instagram or whatever that’s public to talk about topics that are controversial
or could lead to some type of needed argument that’s on you so the thing that
I see here lots of talks about politics or religion lots of talks about being
being a little discriminatory towards certain groups I’ll give you an example
boobies streamers seems to be the big topic of life all these females are only
getting views because they show cleavage or these females are only popular on
Twitch because of their wearing XY and Z listen even if that’s the case it’s none
of your damn business and this isn’t the only demographic I see this about I see
this constantly basically from streamers that are too self-conscious about their
own content because I said it before and I’ll say it again
if your content is there you won’t have time to criticize anybody you’ll be too
focused on your damn self thank you let’s get to the next topic
over here neglecting your community these are for people that look at a
viewer as just the number they’re not numbers they’re people they’re human
beings attached to these usernames so the second you go offline that doesn’t
give you the okay to totally ignore everybody all right you should have an
open discord you should have all kinds of social media I personally have a
Twitter a snapchat and Instagram to Facebook and they all do something
specific to the platform that I’m on so for example my Twitter I had like to
post lots of quotes and basically random nonsense and I also use it to interact
with other streamers to bump up their tweet and stuff like that Instagram I
like to post highlight clips and photos and videos specific to my personal life
because I want people to get to know the streamer and the person rather than what
you see while I’m live snapchat also kind of the same thing very personalized
I hardly talk about streaming in my snapchat Facebook I use that to interact
with all kinds of twitch streamers or or gaming groups I don’t I don’t accept
friend requests on my personal Facebook page I kind of reserved that for my
family but you’ll see my profile being used in a lot of like streamer Facebook
groups YouTube I like to post tutorials like this maybe some highlight clips but
you can go beyond that okay you can do like vlogging is another popular one or
anything that is it’s not specific to your channel because you want to I guess
the term that they use is diversify you want to show what other talents and
you want to show the public that you actually have a personality rather than
I am a streamer this is what I do all right guys so the next thing we’re gonna
talk about oh this one it makes me roll my eyes so much and it is cutting
corners and like I listen this isn’t a race there is no timeline to you
becoming partnered by a company are you becoming sponsored or whatever this is
not a race there is there is some type of accomplishment that comes in knowing
that you built your viewer base from the ground up so so all those streamers out
there that are thinking that hosts for hosts follow for follow a sub4sub
or purchasing BOTS or joining a discord not saying anything or just link dumping
it’s beneficial to your community it’s not so let me just first cover the host
for host and follow follow a mentality here listen it’s gonna bump you up
aesthetically but those viewers those those followers that you have are gonna
actually help your community to grow your community is gonna seem very cheap
okay and secondly when you apply for a sponsorship by any company and this is a
fact okay this is a fact they will look at your analytics and they will see okay
so this person who was at 10 viewers 10 viewers 10 viewers for like 5 months
and out of nowhere now they’re consistently at 100 viewers huh
something isn’t right here and also when they go to your profile and if they see
that the ratio of followers to following is very identical huh something’s also
not right here listen from an outside perspective let’s say if I was somebody
who ran a company and I want to spawn a sponsor people that type of behavior
looks cheap to me it tells me you are incapable of standing on your own two
feet and you need to offer some type of bribe or a subcontract in order to
ahead okay I did follow her follow months ago like like before I hit
affiliate and after that I was at no okay
and part of that is I would also join discord in not saying a damn thing just
oops drop my link I say people do it in my
discord and I’m thinking we have never ever spoken to yo ass in my life do you
think this is helping you right now no stop it guys stop being lazy stop it
alright the last thing that we’re gonna talk about is ignorance
now ignorance listen that let’s not look at this as a bad word I look at ignorant
as people that are unaware okay so they are things that you should be doing as a
streamer to figure out why you’re not growing the number one thing is looking
at your analytics and this goes beyond what’s just in your twitch dashboard so
you want to try other platforms like social blade I think is one twitch
metrics twinge twitch tracker that’s my favorite one you can go on all these
sites check your analytics you can you can watch your streams by date to find
out where your viewer count decreased and when your viewer count was bumping up to figure out what you did specifically that
people enjoyed or people didn’t like but remember this is kind of an experiment
so you want to try to give yourself a few days doing a certain action or a few
days playing a certain game before you’re able to determine if that’s gonna
work for you or not the same goes for me if you guys are not familiar with my
stream sometimes I will dress up just depending if I feel like it one of the
costume looks that I did was I I try to dress up as penny wise from the
movie it and it took me a while to realize and again because I was
neglecting my analytic it took me a while to realize that
people are terrified of clowns and my viewership would go poop because people
weren’t freaked out to watch me so I stopped doing Pennywise okay so it’s all
kind of like trial and error let’s say the same thing goes for hiding your
viewer account this is a common tip that I see new streamers use and it’s usually
reserved for people that have some type of social anxiety and they are afraid at
the idea of people watching them which if it works for you do it I personally
find this detrimental to growth because you don’t know when to strike listen you
should always be on you should always be talking you should always be animated
but if you get a raid or a host you need to bump that personality up to level
five thousand okay that is your moment to encourage people that they want to
stay and they want to follow you so if you don’t have an indicator of when
somebody new is joining your channel and I’m not talking like one or two people
I’m talking you’ve been streaming all night you’ve had five viewers and all of
a sudden you have 30 you need to know when to strike okay hey okay one more
thing about this little tidbit right here another thing that I do to research
what’s working for my channel is when I get a host or I get a raid after my
stream I will go to the other streamers channel and watch the last few minutes
of their video usually they’ll say something specific to my channel they’ll
say you know oh I I’m gonna raid gothix model because she does this or I like
when she does this and so that type of information is super super valuable to
you so I would do that and try to replicate exactly what they’re talking
about if they’re saying that you have a kick-ass personality or that you have
awesome style try to replicate and other streams because that is
something that is sticking with that person they could have raided anybody
but they’re choosing to raid you okay that’s all I got to say back to my
coffee bye so guys that is all I have for the five most common mistakes that I
see new streamers make if you enjoy this video give it a thumbs up and we’re
gonna try doing some stream coaching sessions live on my channel so if you’re
interested go give me a follow at twitch.tv/gothixmodel I’m
gonna sit here with my damn coffee cuz I’m half awake and I love your faces
have a great day bye look see I can’t even say bye hello hi Who am I what day
is it I’m so tired bye

22 thoughts on “5 Mistakes that new streamers make

  1. Been watching some of your vods on twitch, currently watching the first stream coaching session lol. Great content 🙂 looking forward to catching you live!

  2. Good vid. Great tips. The alerts are unique to you. Although they are very creative. Going back to check out the vods of streamers that host or raid you to see what they said about you is another way or good PR. I also see a lot of streamers do a "partnerpush" and they have 100 plus viewers in their channel. After they get partnered they go back down to their usual average or 20 plus. Lol

  3. Well said throughout. If you want to know how to rep your brand in the right way, Gothix has that down. Well done.

  4. Thank you kween for always having our backs and helping us learn. I appreciate you always helping and working hard to teach us all

  5. This was super helpful – I really appreciated the tip on bumping up your personality when you get a raid. I used to think I wanted to keep everything "chill" or "the same" so people knew what they were getting into when I streamed, but I think people actually really love getting a reaction from things that happen on stream. Thanks again! Looking forward to more tips on becoming a better streamer. Not enough people on YT give really good advice on this – and I really appreciate it!!!

  6. Hey, I need to tell you. I have been binge watching all your videos about streaming and… It has completely changed how i am doing a lot of things! I was doing alot of what you were saying already but not nearly the frequency you suggested. I am changing all that and am hoping to see a change in whats going on in my stream. Ill let you know how it works out but long story semi short, Love your content and appreciate the help.

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