3D펜 장인의 디아블로 만들기

3D펜 장인의 디아블로 만들기

Here, are the bones of the Diablo. Following the bone structure blueprint, bend them into shapes. Jeez they’re tough When something consists of only the essentials, we call it ‘bare bone’. Tells us how important the skeletal structure is,
as the base. Especially when you’re making a figure
with such thin appendages as the Diablo, Badly placed bones here can later lead to bigger problems. Put filament in the gaps, and superglue it in place for a strong, rigid structure. It would be a problem if it got bent so put it aside, carefully. Next up, Place the blueprint, and mark along the outline. This step is not necessary unless you’re making a Youtube video out of it. You can just start right away with the 3D pen. If you want to turn a flat blueprint into a three-dimensional figure, well, there are many ways. There isn’t the ‘good way’ set in stone. Just like our life. It’s got no good Let’s give it a try, then. You can just start again if you mess up. Comparing with the blueprint, once it feels good enough attatch to the bones. Fix temporarily, check if it looks good. When you’re done putting them on, start giving it some volume. Using a tweezer, patiently hold the plastic in place making bridges along the leg. The same goes for the body. Do not try to make them all in one step. Slowly, one by one MEEEEOW (gimme food)
Slowly, one- . Slowly, one by one is the way. There is no rush. Now that we’re done with the body, attatch the arms. …step by step Make the tail as well. don’t rush… Don’t forget giving it some volume. Small horns at the back … putting them on slowly, one by one… big horn, left big horn… … had enough now? No, I haven’t. Diablo has 4 arms and 6 horns, plus 2 horns at the noggin,
so 8 horns in total. Get out dude Comparing it to the blueprint, thinking about work left hurts me which can be cured by admiring Nago. Make Diablo’s sub arms as well. It would be cool, having four arms could work with four 3D pens at once. The overall shape is here. But this is only the start. What we are doing next will only take
several dozen times more, causing you to throw the whole thing back into your hands. Fill the surface calmly. Surface filling truly is the flower of 3D pen craft. It seems I’m allergic to flowers. Rather than focusing on the surface thickness, focus on the gaps, making sure there are no place uncovered
inbetween the plastic. Even more important than that, is the mindset of not giving up before it’s done isn’t it? Even more important than that are the Youtube views Put on the fingers, one by one. Bend into the shape you want and just fill roughly uh, maybe too rough? Put extra work into some areas to make it as close to the blueprint as possible. Put on some spikes as well. Put on the harpoon bone as well, which looks like an overgrown lower arm bone. This was the hardest part of course, every part was hard, but the spikes on the tail were especially painful. I shot some filament like so and kneaded them into spikes. Literally painful. If you’re making this, don’t use this method. Now I’m working on the decorative parts. Draw along that hideous shoulder pad and pull it away. Put on a bridge you made by eyeballing the length and make it into a 3D model. The process is the same. Just master this, and you too can make anything you want. A 3D pen can make anything you can imagine into reality. Give it a try:
Close your eyes, let your imagination go wild What you truly desire… Wait no, please stop Make the most important part, head, as well. I know he is a demon, but Diablo looks really cool. You gotta admit that Even the Catholic priests agree on this. Now, I’m no devil worshipper but I’ve played Diablo since 2nd grade. I was mesmerized by its story and world so much, I ended up buying the Diablo 3 limited edition package Well, almost. I didn’t due to not having
a lot of money to spare back then. Of course,
now I have enough money to buy the official statue but I don’t really feel like spending a thousand dollars
for a Diablo figure. Not when I could just make my own. Don’t you agree? A hand-made figure is more meaningful and more precious and 3 weeks more tedious Just work hard for 3 weeks and buy one instead. It’s better for your mental health. Temporarily glue the head and move on to the harder part. Turns out, I’m not a 3D pen master. I’m more of a wood burning tool master. A wood burning tool is usually used for polishing the surface of the figure But for this project, polishing the surface made up
for the most of the actual work to the point it basically became a sculpting project. Make it smooth like this and then carve out the details. While you’re working, squeeze and pinch Nago’s chubby cheeks for a superior sculpting experience. For detailed patterns,
make a light sketch like this first then give them more pronounced strokes. They say a good craftsman does not blame his tools. But tools blame the craftsman. The same tools, depending on who’s using them, can make different results. When making small patterns on the horns (340°F)
lowering the tool temperature down to 170°C helps you make finer strokes. Investing even more time and effort would make a even better result than this. But it would be a problem if this Diablo came to life so I must pry myself from work. Pull away the shoulder guard temporarily, polish up the arms excuuse me~
polish up the a- . …polish the arms. Smooth it is like a cheap plastic toy. After you’ve done to some extent, well, keep on fondling I mean fumbling with it. Melt the skin a bit with a turbo lighter and make even more detailed details with tweezers. Make small decorative parts and put them under Diablo’s armpits. If you had these under your armpits Every time you moved it’d chafe like mad it would be so stressful Just something that occurred to me. Perhaps that’s how you become a devil. Looks trivial,
but could be a really serious problem in person. Like the Joker. I read every comment from you guys sometimes feel like becoming a Joker but I endure it, thanks to the supportive comments. Recently, there have been more comments
in foreign languages made me think that I need to study English more. For the details on the upper legs, I am attatching little booger sized plastic balls and melting them with a lighter for a really nice scaly texture. When you take a look at the Diablo’s tail, you might think, “Is Diablo a reptile?” which isn’t really the case. From the ancient times, a devil was said to be made out of parts of many different animals,
such as goats and bats. Diablo is The Prime Evil.
It wouldn’t do for him to have cute features like a cat or hamster tail now, would it? While I was distracting you with the nonsense talk,
the polishing process got completed. Now, for the LED part, let’s make a hole in the back. Get rid of the rod inside that acted as the bone. Diablo’s spinal cord is thrown away Make a hole in the same way at the back of the head. Make a hole for every part that needs the light and trim and tidy up the excess plastic. Making confident, quick pokes is the key. This is perfect. Now bring out two batteries, two charging ports, a switch, and a voltage booster. As well as 6 LEDs. Circuit should look roughly like this. It’s a good idea to spray the surfacer
before getting into the main LED work If you spray after putting in the LEDs there will be a layer of surfacer over the LED lights Which is why I’m doing this first. Using transparent red filament fill up the little holes for lights. You can’t pull these out if you mess up so hold your breath, work carefully. Polish up the red filament as well. Once the LEDs are in, it’ll look like this. wow that was cool Make the filament for the belly separately, heat it up before inserting through the back. Like this, while making sure
to secure enough space inside. There, place 3 LEDs and reattatch the back. Put an LED each for the shoulder and head, cover up before finally putting them on the body. I rerouted the wires toward the foot to hide from view. Finish making and spraying the missing parts, after everything else is done. It is not done yet. To help Diablo stand on his legs, I’m making a pedestal. This much is easier than making Diablo’s buttocks. Just need to roughly make out the structure and fill the surface diligently. Although it takes like 6 hours but compared to the Diablo, this… is as simple as making Diablo’s butt. Polish the surface with a grinder at first. Now, since I said ‘first’ there should be the second as well, right? Yes, there is. The second step is using a turbo lighter
and a wood burning tool to make a rocky texture. Always be mindful of catching burns or a fire Make a hole where the wires need to go through and prop up the Diablo. Roughly fix it and roughly polish it.
Roughly. Make some surrounding decorations. Stick three sticks, and make skulls at the end. The shapes don’t matter, as long as
they convey the creepy atmosphere. Need to make a switch as well, but it wouldn’t be fun if it’s just hanging out so I’m placing a skull on top of the switch so that pushing the skull would light up the LEDs. It works well. After doing the boring spraying work again it’s time for the final painting. I used a water-based paint to bring out the texture. Roughly recall the elementary school art classes, and paint confidently. The paint loses its gloss when dried fully, which can be fixed with a gloss finish later so keep on going without paying mind. Color our bony friend as well and spray gloss finish to moisturize Diablo’s dry, cracked skin. Don’t forget your moisturizer on dry winter, people. As the final step, put some paint on a piece of tissue to make rugged fabric which is tied to the poles and the month-long project, Diablo III Statue, is finished. Diablo, The Lord of Terror the most dangerous out of all Prime Evils. For his power over terror left him incapable of feeling fear. If he was born in today, the pressure to succeed, the unpredictable, bleak future all would’ve failed to make him cower away in fear making him the prime exemplar of the society… Alas, having the genetic trait of armpit spikes disorder subjected him to a tremendous amount of stress causing Diablo to become The Prime Evil… Perhaps he wanted one of those candy apples too, and decided to make his own out of human heads. Here, you can see the trendy USB-C type charging port as well as a classy ornate skull switch, which truly befits the title and class of a modern demon. It really is the best mood light ever. I will be back with a more entertaining video. Thank you. It’s been Sanago.

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  5. damn, this is beautiful…

    and you put so many details and hard work into making this, wow… take all my likes, you god of 3D pen sculpting

    I kinda want to start 3D pen sculpting now too lol

  6. He always Speaks the truth.. The Calmly Spoken Words of Sanago are Kind of "Relaxing" but then again he Says some sad things sometimes but i like that… I like how he speaks About Reality and how everything he says can be connected with or Related to… You Really are an Interesting man Sanago… An Interesting man With an Interesting Story…

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    8:37 요즘 맨들맨들 싸구려 장난감의 근황

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