1600 STACK NASUS | NOT URF!! | 1000 STACKS BY 26 MINUTES – Trick2G

1600 STACK NASUS | NOT URF!! | 1000 STACKS BY 26 MINUTES – Trick2G

hold my thot hold my thot fucking bullshit man, how am I supposed to get a thousand stacks? I can’t, that’s bull oh What no what the fuck is that it must’ve been a glitch like lick lick lick glitch man That should have been a stack. I don’t know what’s that. Oh this is rigged man. This is rigged They don’t want me to get a thousand Need to stop shooting shit at me Are you fucking serious, ah ah I don’t understand, they are all startin to attackin the minion, that I’m fucking hittin. Oh I hit Latta bitch fucking Ahri man raised the fucking name I’m some fucking gang I’m still waiting for that squash More stacks, baby That thing fucking wrecked me What the fuck is that damage? Oh? I’ll be at first blood on tower Don’t want my za I want him to get a fat lead Latta bitch. Oh you always want to kill the back one’s first since Bailey’s have a lot more Hp so they take harder We want one thousand stacks don’t let us down king trick one thousand stacks or we all riot They came down It’s fucking real people Get there baby. Do you see this made a pitch a fit boys Trek we are impressed, but we are never satisfied with you, but we don’t see 2k stacks. You won’t hear the end of it You hear me. We want to cable. This is for the 1k. Stacks now going to destroy them gates ah I love the girls man dude He pumped out like heat pump out bullets and not realize that I get stacks off that shit unless he wanted me to hit someone Came and if you did that you know shout out to the young rick. He’s shuffling All right, so what is this dude? Oh my lord? Hope they put some uh fucker Oh you saw that Huh? Yeah, what’s up back? God damn it man Damn it damn it They want to go kill me and lose their own fucking babies man That puts me on fucking felt like like I don’t understand that It’s like they send everybody and then they lose middle never they actually in lower fucking tear the people This is pretty much lower yellow gold fucking trash probably like it’s like. Oh like my guy here Lost a key we gotta take a while right now made a bitch Fuckin a man fuckin a Let’s get some armor pan. I do I need armor Finn I Don’t need armor pen man. I’m just gonna throw this shit on me, and they fought on me. There’s my armor pen Last night I wanna say I’m an honest honest heart and give her a piece not one shot off And you’ll bitch-ass off my screen That’s gonna be the bottle alright guys. We’re getting there Fucking cocksuckers man, I swear to God I swear to God I always got a sim fucking six tiles and piece of trash at me always wanted to try this That’s behind Epsa. Nobody said that thermal isn’t shit it is it is a bee shit Ah damn, bitch open little rat ass bastard back to yodel camp you stupid bitch There you go Nothing stop stacking, baby Hi, baby. We back a once on my phone again. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video Today or tonight around 7:00 p.m.. Eastern and a for pacific 12:00 or 1:00 Gmt. I’ll be doing that charity stream for direct relief and this one will be going to Victims of Hurricane Harvey over in Texas. They just I just went through a a big hurricane and They are in need of some help. You know whether it’s water medical supplies food and 100% of the donation Subs bits will be owned to the victims I’ll be doing subscribe Moreno games of pub G customs with viewers and a bunch of other stuff as well as a lot of giveaway Hope you guys tune in today, and thanks for this also. Don’t forget to drop a like and as rob Late I hope you guys all have a great day you

100 thoughts on “1600 STACK NASUS | NOT URF!! | 1000 STACKS BY 26 MINUTES – Trick2G

  1. It physically pained me that you didn’t go full ad lifesteal. U literally would’ve 1 shot every one

  2. Random guy here first tiem watching this video, Instead of hating on the shitty music im gonna hate on the editor. Do not consider hiring him again

  3. Trick what a nice guy you are, doing charity!! And gj with the stacks too, I already knew youd get it, its freaking Trick 2 the mother effing G! 😉

  4. so bot lane tower is weaker than top tower. bot tower needed 3 q's at 3:35 and top needed 7 q's at 7:10.. interesting lol

  5. am I the only one who freaks out and yell whenever trick fails stacking at minions

    welp guess it's only for nasus mains eh

  6. No cam, makes the gameplay stand out. Truly godlike player. I would love to see qtpie vs. trick2g, but tryharding. Like your life is at stake. I'd pay to watch that showdown.

  7. Yooo trick I'm a super fan of yours! D cannnneee!! Can you give me a skin of nasus🙁 He's my main but I'm poor

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