$1,000,000 Online Poker Tournament!

$1,000,000 Online Poker Tournament!

the two thousand six hundred and $50
million dollar Sundays has been a huge success and it is back again this Sunday
same deal I’m selling up to 40% get your piece today 1% is $32 all the way up to
5% for $160 maximum of 5% send it only on a CR 2d boesky sweat the action on my
twitch channel Geoff Boesky starting at 10 o’clock a.m. Pacific Standard Time
see you guys then I know I made a nice little speech last
time all about you know I’ve ran bad and big tournaments of my life and I’m gonna
stay aggressive I’m gonna really go for it and it really worked out I was happy
with my play except for maybe one or two hands really happy of course I did
wrought above expectation winning my fair share of flips
I didn’t suck out in the end 7s verse tens but at the end of the day all you
can do is give it your all and let fate take over put your intentions into the
universe and hopefully the universe will listen dear universe let me win two
hundred thousand dollars today let’s get it guys we got Queens and raise it up a new table I’m gonna have to get two
notes here gonna have to get some notes on these guys we’re read this I dunno
timing tell the rest not so sure guys our finland product very aggressive oh yeah having tell from Austria
definitely a high-stakes rig he’s gonna want to put me to the test and three
back from the big blind I know he’s very very aggressive my Hut hasn’t even
popped up yet but we’re gonna go for the deception don’t really want to get it in
four and blinds it as 80 blinds so we’re gonna put in the call and play in
position a very dry board that’s good he’s gonna bet 15,000 we’re gonna call
me 90 too bad not too many bad cards for us other than aces and kings because he
would definitely play Ace King this way so I think we’re just gonna call down as
long as an Ace or King doesn’t come that’s the game plan
I love Queens oh that is a good card that is probably one of the best cards I
could have hit a small chance is ace queen he’s queen of hearts I would make
a lot of sense he’s gonna continue barreling with kings aces it’s very
aggressive double flush draw straight draw but I don’t think he ever has
straight drawn that low three back from the big blind he’s repping a big pair of
pocket aces so we’re just gonna call and call any river he’s setting it up for
the river jam let’s let him Jam not the best card not the best card at all
probably one of the worst cards actually between the five of diamonds and three
of diamonds because the flush now gets there and the
three gets there but I don’t think he gives me threes and I don’t think I have
any threes he wouldn’t think every three any checks he definitely barrel with him like East
King of Diamonds but that’s a very small percentage chance you can’t have peace
queen of diamonds so the question is I think we definitely have to bet it’s
just a matter of how much I don’t know what Bluffs we’d have in our range here hopefully we get a call from King’s Jax
with the Jack of Diamonds with him knowing us I don’t think he would think
we’re bluffing here so it’s gonna be pretty hard to get value maybe I should
have bet smaller like 60,000 but he’s balling he likes to gamble he might just
hear it off with kings aces Gotham busted them knew it knew it
max value I love pocket queens wow these monster hands ace king kings ace king
when they come in succession like this they’re less likely to believe you
especially when the same guy raises and I’m gonna put in the same exact three
bed size or whatever this button made it should be closed now they start thinking
is he picking on me the paranoia kicks in what if he three
bets me every time then what I can only open Queens Plus is he tilted do I have
to take a stand with ace Queen here do I for bed fold
does he have it in him to five bet ace king oh I do oh I do
oh yeah he’s thinking he’s thinking he’s aggro play the last four hands there’s
the four bet he’s had enough he laid left himself enough room to fold to my
shove ace king is best played aggressively
he’s only got 42 effective blinds we are all in with his game flow it’s a
beautiful spot I love is king all right let’s win hit
ace ace hold Gotham oh I run so much better when I yelled
the screen three starting stacks got him I think I’m gonna go for the raised
shelf line yeah this gives them enough room to make
it 100k and then for me to Jan or even fold or even call yeah you never know it
was the step one shut up to teach heat there it is 105
Kappa saw it’s ECG Grover not following he knows our range is gonna be wide in
the small blind he could be steamed grazing he is from
Costa Rica could be mad I would have a pair for effectively 50 blinds or so
blind first blind we have him covered and I got stick with the plan
the plan was trying to raise to 100 and he still has room to fold we don’t to
play his head position we want to shove all in and just pick up this hundred and
fifty K real quick our flip against the East King hopefully doesn’t have a
bigger pair let’s win sevens almond call hold hold deuce deuce yes
1 million chip by East King Luke running so good on these flips I mean check exercise little pod control
and that is a very good card for us you have to be somewhat worried about him in
the for but I don’t think it’s a for based upon the speed of his call tape makes me think EliteBook has a nine
or two spades tennis babes all right so very possibly has something like Jack
nine diamonds I mean Jack spades so we’re gonna put them on that range of
hands and play rivers to coordinate that’s a bit River
it’s very good river so he’s definitely the fetish for he’s gonna continue
blocking on his flush draws the only problem is he won’t bet again with his
nine it’s all be bets bet Oh baby
Oh baby he could definitely have pocket nines he can definitely have two combos
that he’s poor suited he could have even turned pocket sixes although we’re just
never bluffing when her check raising this river he
could think we’re over valuing an overpair very big bet he’s got more common with pocket nines
and pocket six is the pocket for us both of those will call the shove and eSports
well you can call the shows so we’re all in huge pot tents full and snap that’s
good no pocket fours we got him we got him you can’t believe it is nines fuller
beaten pay me pay me and reenter Boult Wow wonder if he had esis one of your
slow playing aces regardless we almost have two million chips Bunny’s gonna
open pac-man is gonna three bet we’re gonna ship it in take it down
no flop needed there’s the open now normally I’d make it about 250 we’re
now trying to get action we’re trying to just take it down here I got 160 mm Ace
King suited hold hold hold
yes horrible call don’t you know I’m scared money 2 million chips a jack
learn about a fall manis horrible alright Oh oh hi
deuce oh yeah Nolan over here it’s you Twinkle Twinkle Toes create my own
energy twinkles got him covered let’s ruin 420
coal and another all in over here holy shit I don’t on it there’s some reason
these screens won’t come up Jack’s old Jack Jack Jack yes we’re in the money
got him got him back-to-back weeks in the money we got a
stack nice alright guys we’re all in we got an ace East sevens good it’s 277 in
the middle let’s go get it let’s get some folds ace ace ace ace on the river sixes
I like pocket pairs hotter percent shoving if they don’t mend raised under
the gun it’s a tough spot this player’s been very active don’t have too many
hands on just because of the positions I’m gonna
make a tight fold just because first second by behind us and what do you guys
think of the sixes fault moving on the chat here we go
eleven blinds ace on the button seven handed let’s get the fold fold guys I
got the ace blocker we’re going in for sometimes you just gotta risk it all
sometimes these guys are nuts I don’t know it’s worse that hood poker
that’s right Queens I love Queens big hand all about to get
paid and a jam over his button open No should I let her Jam should I have that
for Jam animals keep it simple he’s gonna figure I’m gonna Jam pretty
wide here we’re all in hold brick no no fuck East deuce no 20th place
seven thousand six hundred and sixty five dollars I can’t play any butter

54 thoughts on “$1,000,000 Online Poker Tournament!

  1. Nice Cash👍🏼

    That was tough with the shove on the last hand. I like to trap there and limp in. But it will be the same outcome. Because he will go all in on your limp and you’ll spring the trap. But Poker is the only one that turns the hunter into a prey😂

    The fold on pocket 66’s was good. When you’re a big stack you can do the same thing and players will be folding their 66’s too😉

  2. Shit Boski you may never leave that chair I hope you have someone to walk the pups I'm super happy you are doing well Frank

  3. See how AJ called and lost to AK? That can be called the old Boski call. Good fold with the pocket 6’s. You want A2 to call you every time against your QQ. They only have 3 outs. Just a bad result. At least you cashed. Keep up the deep runs!

  4. The hands you showed, you played them very well! I like your thought process and play style, very similar to mine! I do watch as much as I can when you stream, but I was curious how you went from 2,000,000 early on down to 900,000? Was it lost flips or just bleeding away for a bit?

  5. Thanks Boski, first online poker video I have watched, like the train of thought and always rooting for you, thanks for vlogging and sharing wanna see some Bag and Tag.

  6. Definitely buying more action for sunday million dollar guarantee on ACR….I Love the sunday million guarantee…great job again Boski…also what was not shown in this vid was a sick pocket jacks read…cheers

  7. Damn Jeff your running hot. Good job man. The A 2 was a horrible call to your last hand QQ.
    Refresh my memory how I can buy a piece of you. Even 1% is making money. Although if you keep up this run, you might not need us little people.

  8. Holy shit JB I thought the up next was my screen haha. I also listen to Binaural Beats positive affirmation, etc. seriously life changing

  9. You should come out with your own line of shirts & hats, and have them say; "Aces.?! I love Aces!" or "Kings.?! I love
    Kings!* or 'insert' your own favorite hand(s)… BoskiBrand Apparel

  10. Congrats on yet another deep run and another cash. Boski cashes…I love it when Boski cashes.

    Thank you again sir for taking us with you on your journey!

  11. Send me 1-5% only on ACR using P2P transfer to book your action for this Sunday's $2,650 $1,000,000 event. Put your ACR screen name in the description of the transfer. 1% = $32. Only send multiples of 1%. Good luck! https://www.twitch.tv/jeffboski

  12. Amazing play mate, good 6’s fold in that position at that time… third time lucky, by lucky= 6 figure payday on the way 😉 top shelf play….

  13. Good fold on the pocket 6's…another nice run. I keep telling myself to take some of that action but haven't pulled the trigger…damn it!!

  14. i think it was a good fold with the 66. he min bet utg and with you in early position, it was a good laydown. nice job with the back to back cashes Boski.

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