10 Things About SD LESH DOTA2

10 Things About SD LESH DOTA2

Hey guys this is DATOHLEONG and in this video,
you will see 10 things that you should know about the Shadow Demon LeShag combo. Since the matchmaking system is more party
favoured, I’ve decided to share with you a combo that I’ve been spamming and winning
a lot recently in my pubs games. This is a really old school combo where it
has been picked back in the TI2 days as duo support but right now I’ll re-introduce you
the combo where Leshag is played as an offlaner core so you and your buddy can queue offlane
and support rank matchmaking together. And if you do not have a buddy to play this
combo with, too bad. Start being nice and make some friends. 1. Getting kills in your pubs usually escalate
to getting better and faster items, taking objectives, and definitely boost your team’s
morale. A level 7 shadow demon with a level 9 LeShag
can bring down almost any hero that has 1800 HP or less instantly if they do not have magic
immunity. All you have to do is to max Soul Catcher
on shadow demon by level 7 and max Diabolic Edic and Split Earth on Leshag by level 9. You can definitely start killing before you
reach these levels because most heroes will not have 1800 HP in the early game. Even for heroes like tiny or shaky which might
hit 1800 HP in the early game, these heroes usually do not have any form of escape so
you can easily chase them down. And for the heroes with escape, they usually
have lower HP where you can instantly burst them down 2. When you’re fighting for the first bounty
rune and when you’re not joined by any other teammates, skilling Edic first instead of
stun will do more damage to your opponents. A level 1 Edic does 320 physical damage and
that is half the HP of most heroes at level 1. So, if you find any hero way out of position
trying to go for the runes, you can chase with Edic with a few right clicks and try
for a kill. Even if you don’t get the kill, you will most
certainly force them to burn a lot of regeneration items and will eventually help you in the
laning phase. However, if you’re joined by a teammate that
offer killing potential, skilling Split Earth first should be the better choice. 3. Before Leshag turns level 6, this combo doesn’t
have any ways to instantly kill off creep waves, which also means that the Edic damage
will be spread among the creeps, thus doing lesser damage. So if you’re looking to take out a target,
well, they have to be out of the creep waves when Leshag is not yet 6. If you’re the shadow demon player, here’s
what you have to do to force heroes out of creep waves. Win the creep pulling war. By winning the pulling war, I mean you have
to prevent your opponents from pulling the small camp and get off your side pull as well. Not only you will force your opponents out
of position by doing this, but you will also get experience advantage in the laning phase
which can be really useful when it comes to hitting level 6 first on LeShag. Winning the pull war can also be really helpful
in a 2 vs 3 scenarios. If the trilane cannot get off any pull, you’re
winning the lane by default just by not dying. 4. In order for you to start hunting people in
their territory, you have to first gain a map advantage. Every creep in the lane are vision and helps
you estimate where your opponents are. So the Leshag player should always look to
push out the lanes before making rotations and kill attempts, while the shadow demon
player should remain off the map radar at all times. The SD player should also always position
himself in the fog slightly in front of Leshag so to be ready to take advantage of a kill
opportunity. 5. SD and LeShag are both pretty squishy hero. The last thing that you want this combo to
end up is a feeding duo. So if you don’t mind, please get some bracers. SD has a save that can help LeShag dodge some
abilities and LeShag itself is a pretty explosive hero. Every second your opponents spend trying to
kill you, deep down, they’re dying on the inside So as long as you do not die in an instant,
there is a chance to turn a losing fight. GET BRACERS. 6. Looking for kills can be hard sometimes when
your opponents are going full dodge mode. As a result, the shadow demon player should
have a ward and a smoke on him at all times. You never know when you will see an easy target
just a few miles away that you can smoke to. With that said, you don’t always have to use
smokes to find kills, only important and crucial kills are worth the smokes. Remember, you only have 3 smokes in stock
that replenishes every 10 mins, use them wisely. You’re also advised to only smoke during the
day and here is why. Smokes break at 1025 unit radius. Most heroes have a night vision of 800. If your smoke breaks during night time, you
and your enemy will still see each other at the exact same time. So, unless you have night vision heroes, or
you are certain that it is warded and you want to get pass the wards, don’t smoke at
night. Having a casual ward on the SD player can
be really helpful especially making a high ground gank or a night time gank. All you need is a glimpse of vision for you
to get off the setup and have your LeShag end their lives and these are the small plays
that determine whether you get a kill or not. 7. SD and Leshag might seem like a fun combo
to play pubs but it also counters many cancerous picks like Meepo, Huskar, Alchemist or Enchantress. If you’re playing against these heroes, the
SD player can purchase a vessel to make life easier but even if you don’t they will completely
melt when you come into contact and there is nothing they can do about it other than
hugging their teammates. So, make sure to apply as much map pressure
as possible against these cancerous picks. 8. Kills are kills but objectives have to be
completed. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 kills, if
you don’t take down any buildings, you can’t win the game. LeShag is amazing at taking down buildings,
so please convert your kills into objectives. Now, there will be games where your opponents
are constantly sticking as 5 and avoiding fights and that might frustrate you a lot
when you can’t find any kills. When that happens, consider just ignoring
them and take the buildings instead. A full Diabolic Edic can take down any tower. When you force your opponents to defend the
tower, the kill opportunity is right before you Even if you force them to activate glyph,
it is worth the play. 9. When you’re ahead, but facing against strong
high ground defenders, you don’t necessarily have to force the high ground. If you fail the high ground a couple of times,
you will give your opponents free opportunities to come back. Instead, wait for items like BKB or wait for
Roshan. Remember this, your combo kills almost anyone
at sight, make use of that to occupy the map. Generally, you want to occupy your opponent’s
jungle which is where the enemy cores farm when they’re losing most of the time. You also want to choke their triangle so you
don’t have to worry about them getting items. 10. A level 25 LeShag with Diabolic Edic talent
with refresher will be able to take down every building accept the throne through back door
protection. If you’re looking to rat to end the game at
some point, it is worth a shot. You can even use smoke because you don’t have
to physically hit the buildings. However, if you’re trying to go for the throne
or go full rat mode, getting a casual desolator will help you pierce through these buildings
with ease. Trying it during a team fight or a Roshan
attempt will throw your opponents off guard and before they know it, they’ve already lost
the game. I hope you enjoyed this video, do hit the
like share subscribe and turn on the notification and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Is that the real dota2bowie playing as SD???? You guys are both good youtubers showcasing good tips about how to play well in gaining mmr….nice vid as always….keep it up and more power to your channel…

  2. In SEA, lesh players. 4 dead. Goes to split push the creep wave not pushing towers and head straight towards NC. Fast pace lineup with a leshrac 30 minutes enemies tier 1 still up. PEPEHAND

  3. I know a account who spammed pos 4 Leshrac to get from ancient 3 to top 1000 and higher in SEA in few months. Last time i watched him, i saw him playing with febby. crazy.

  4. I wasn't really planning to watch this vid when i first saw thus in thumbnail cause it's a common combo simce dota 1. I thought I already know enough about that combo. But I was wrong. Good stuff man!

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