10 Thing YOU Should Know About AXE DOTA2

10 Thing YOU Should Know About AXE DOTA2

Hey guys this is DATOHLEONG and in this video,
you will see 10 things that you should know about Axe. So I manage to climb to Immortal rank in solo
rank matchmaking with Axe in just 2 days. Am I a good player? Maybe. Is this a good hero, definitely. I always believed that hero choice matter
as much as the gameplay itself. Thus, I definitely think that there is a special
place for Axe in every meta as a core destroyer, enjoy the video. 1. Wave cutting. I usually see this as a last resort of a lane
I cannot get anything out of. So when should you cut creep waves? When you’re playing against counters like
Timbersaw, Ursa, Monkey King with melee or low damage supports, you’re better
off cutting creep wave. These heroes might be a counter to you but
they are still cores and they need experience and farm. If they ignore their lane to hunt you, you
will still be getting gold and experience but they will stay at level 1 for a very long
time and eventually, you will overpower and rekt them with you level advantage. But again, it won’t work every time and you
still have to look out for high bursting supports like Shadow Demon that can really crush you
when you’re cutting waves. 2. Efficiency. So let’s say there are no supports that can
deal with your wave cutting, you need to take full advantage of this situation and make
the most money out of it. So how to do that? You can only start cutting at the second waves
because you don’t take aggro from the first so I suggest you just let the first wave go
and let your support get the solo experience. Meanwhile, sneak in between the tier 2 and
tier 3 tower to get the next full wave of creeps That should get you to level 2 instantly. After killing off that creep wave, the neutrals
should have spawned and you should reposition yourself in front of the tier 2 tower in the
fog. Now, we’re going to pull the creeps into the
Neutrals and farm that as well. When you’re absolutely undisturbed, you should
be hitting level 7 before 5 mins and if you ask me, that is a pretty insane advantage. 3. Lane it up. Most of the time, I wouldn’t recommend cutting
waves if you have a good match up. When your opponents don’t have any nuking
heroes to spam you out of the lane, when you’re not hard countered or if you are paired with
a strong support, you can and should always lane and try to win the lane. Axe is amazing at pushing lanes. Generally, you want to double wave your opponents
so to crush the matchup. Having more creeps on your side means that
you can dive your opponents freely with battle hunger and force them to take creep damage. You can also fortify the massive creep waves
to torture your opponents more. 4. Global Call. Since you can draw aggro across the map, you
can literally call creeps around you without using any mana by A click any enemy heroes
around the map. 5. Cull Estimation. Each small health bar represents 250 HP and
the thick bar represents 1000 HP. This information is really useful when it
comes to estimating the culling blade timing. For example, a level 1 culling blade has a
kill threshold if 250 HP. Just by looking at the bar, you can estimate
how many spins you need to execute an instant and accurate cull. The faster your first kill off your first
target, the more time you have to find another. 6. Illusions. Culling blade is able to one-shot a flying
courier and it can also be used to kills creeps granting you movement speed. The only issue we have is that the play itself
will put your Culling spell on cooldown. Culling illusions, however, will not put the
spell on cooldown. If you’ve caught a hero hiding in his illusions,
you can always cull every single one of them to find the real one. 7. Aggressive farming. As much as you do not want to feed, you want
to farm at your opponent’s side of the map most of the times. Not only you’re stealing your enemies’ farm,
but you will also threaten to kill and dive laning heroes and that will force chaos on
your opponent carry’s lane, hence opening up the map for the rest of your team. If you somehow bring everyone on the opposing
team to your lane, I’ll grant you permission to fall back and farm defensively. 8. Timings. You don’t always have to go the standard Vanguard
on every Axe game you play. If you’re playing against magic nukers, hood
can be the better choice. If you’re fighting non-stop, double bracers
will help you a lot. What is important here is your timings. Generally, you want to come online and snowball
as early as possible, thus I would recommend getting phase boots and wind lace so you can
apply immense pressure before you reach your blink dagger. To put it in a nutshell, you want to time
your dagger before your opponents gets any strong core items and all the items you get
before that should be your stepping stone to get there, I would say latest dagger timing
by 15-16mins if you’re getting rekted. By pacing your game fast, if your opponents
pick slow farming heroes, they will be utterly punished 9. Max Blink Range. Initiation is what Axe is known for and is
how Axe wins most of the time. So it is really important that you practice
the maximum blink range until you can do it by muscle memory. If you over click your blink, you will only
blink for 960 units instead of 1200 units. In order for you to do high ground to Roshan
blink, you need to use the maximum blink range. Also, keep in mind that most heroes have 1800
day vision radius, with that said, even if you mastered the maximum blink range, you
still have to abuse the fog of war around you and fast movement speed to get off good
initiations. 10. Taking the Right Fights. I’ve seen and experience a lot of miss conception
that Axe is just an early-mid game hero. Yes, he’s a high tempo hero but you don’t
necessarily have to rush to end the game. You can easily throw a winning game by doing
that. It is ALWAYS better to take the right fights
than forcing many wrong fights. Even if it means playing to the late game. What are the right fights to you? Let me know in the comments

33 thoughts on “10 Thing YOU Should Know About AXE DOTA2

  1. Love destroying folks in ranked with this hero! Thanks for the tips bro 😁 although I've been spamming pudge he's too much fun . Also I had a request can I add u in game pls :>

    Btw good music choice as always

  2. This is beautiful, man. I am also semi-spamming axe. It just seems like he can fulfil a lot of the "offlane" jobs. He can tank, apply pressure, initiate, and is the best "anti-carry". One thing I am still figuring out: Do I cut creeps vs tri-lane? Sometimes the supports are very persistent and it results in me dying a lot. I still managed to get Divine, but I am looking to improve.

  3. The 3rd tip has and always been the most underrated tip ever. I mean, pulling agro? without heroes in your lane? across the map? Been doing this in my axe games all the times. I rarely see people talk about it, you should talk about it more.

  4. You forgot to mention that you can use force staff after you call the enemy and pull them to your teammates if you can't tank the enemy

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