라면16개 먹는 여자를 만났습니다

라면16개 먹는 여자를 만났습니다

Hello WayLanders! This is Way! I heard my friend MyeongJun opened a restaurant in Dongseong-ro, Daegu
(Youtuber MyeongJun Sung with 500K Subscribers) I have a younger friend called AmiAmi who’s really good in Mukbang I invited her to do real Mukbang together all the way here in Daegu.
(It took 4 hours :O) -Hi~!
-Hello everyone~!
(Way and Ami finally met together!) We finally met! Whooooo Anyways we finally met after 1 month
(Done with formal greeting) Everyone you guys know CrayonPop right? Way is here! Please say Hi
(Restaurant is so crowded with people) Way, thank you for coming~
(Restaurant is so crowded with people) We arrived at our seat! Wohoooo It’s still early evening but there are so many people in-line already! It’s amazing
(Envy x100) What do you say? Should we open one, too? (Instant skits are still hard 🙁 ) Rooms are full already so we sat at the corner Our AmiAmi is.. OMG are you complimenting me again.. She’s an Alcohol Trash..
(who can’t drink alcohol) Yes I’m an Alcohol Trash.. (Memories of getting drunk in 1 carbonated alcohol) Anyways she can’t drink but we’ll be eating a lot of side dishes so.. *Sudden Passion*
I’ll beat up the side dishes! Among the Mukbang Youtubers I know, Ami eats the best Really??
(Acting like she didn’t know) It’s such an honor~!
(Compliments are always welcome) Oh so you’re not denying? Haha I’m not a small eater too, so we’ll try to Kick some foods today What should we eat? Should we order everything?
(She’s means it..) Really?
(Pure S-H-O-C-K) LOL I’m just joking
(Saying she meant it) Wow the class.. Ordering time This one and..
(Menu +1) This one too and..
(Menu +2) Just give us everything with stars
(with stars are already 10 menus) All.. of them?
(The employee can’t believe this situation) – Yes. All of them.
– Alright then.. We ordered 10 menus
(Mukbang FLEX) Way: QnA addict tired of waiting 10 menus It grows everytime so.. Your stomach stretches so that’s how eat a lot
(Saying it just happened) I was curious about this most while watching Mukbang If I look at my belly after eating, it’s really as big as a pregnant woman Since I ate a lot, and it’s not going anywhere right? So the reason I wear loose clothes like this is all because of that If you look at Mukbang Youtubers especially women, they all wear big or loose clothes Yeah now I remember! Because your belly gets bigger I wore wrong clothes today!
(Mukbang beginner Way) (QnA addict never stops) I didn’t eat that much until high school. I was a small eater But if you start social life you get stressed right? So my stomach gotten bigger until eating 16 ramyeon isn’t enough to make me full What kind of social life made small eater like Ami eat 16 Ramyeon.. What happened.. And I was also curious about this Everyone look at her! Look at her wrist! Look! It’s thin like this! It’s similar to mine
(Her wrist is thinner than Way) Only the wrist is similar I exercise regularly at least 1 hour a day I march in place And if I start to feel like I gained some weight, I starve for days until I lose weight. I tried not eating for 3 days even without water
(Please don’t try this) It wasn’t to lose weight but I was curious how much do I have to starve to feel hungry I was really curious so it was a experiment And the result turned out to be 3 days (Way lost her words) So 1 meal per day? Yes 1 meal per day
(Ami’s only eating 1 meal per day for the broadcast) Yeah it seems like you can bear with it because you eat at least once a day
(Ami’s only eating 1 meal per day for the broadcast) and you eat a lot in once. I guess it became a habit already Yeah now I’m not doing it on purpose. I eat like this because I get hungry at the same time and I’m not hungry on other hours Do you think I can do that too by training? Teacher can you train me somehow? Of course it’s possible! We’re looking forward to Way’s new Mukbang~ Thank you for the meal~! Wohoo it looks so yummy! I never tried ordering like this in a bar
(Due to lack of ingredient only 9 menus are prepared) No other 2 person would order this much.. Mukbang Go Go! (Wow she’s no kidding) Staff: Will there be.. Anything for us..? (Wow the food is really calling for alcohol) We ate all the 9 best menu here. Isn’t it amazing?
(2 women actually finished all the 9 menu) I feel like my belly’s gonna explode soon But I guess AmiAmi isn’t full yet? Did I eat something?
(She actually said ‘Can I have some appetizer?’ after) While I was eating today I tried to act like we’re eating together Like blend in with her but I couldn’t in the end. I ate a lot but it’s really hard.
(9 menu was really impossible) So in fact AmiAmi finished all of this I hope 1943 Dongseong-ro branch in Daegu will hit a jackpot and I hope you guys will also subscribe AmiAmi’s channel. Don’t forget to send lots of love for WayLand channel too~! ♥ Bye~~~ We really enjoyed the food~~

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  1. 와 어떻게 3일을 단식원 아니죠? ㅋㅋ 와 예쁘신 두분이 대구에 오시다니 너무 영광이고 환영합니다

  2. 웨이언니 덕분에 맛있게 잘먹었습니다😍👍
    웨이언니 다음에 또 먹방해요💕💕💕
    웨이랜드 화이팅🎉🎉🎉

  3. I have a question to the mukbang youTubers😄😄..I wonder, what kind of lipstick/liptint mukbang youTubers use… because no matter what they eat and no matter how much they eat, their lipstick doesn't fade and still long-lasting😅😅

  4. 라면 5개는 먹을수 있는데 ㅋㅋ 면만 근데 많이 드시는분은 라면을 좋아하고 자주 드실텐데 걱정이 되네요. 암튼 좋은영상 만들어 주시느라 웨이씨 ! 고생 많으셨습니다.~^^

  5. 웨이님  오늘도 한미모 하셧군요 ㅋㅋㅋ  방부제 미모 비결은  ~  알순없지만  ㅋㅋ 퐈이팅입니다 ㅋㅋ

  6. She might not realize it but she is technically doing an intermittent fast as her eating schedule.. which is highly recommended and many popular athletes do this.. One big meal a day.

  7. 꼭 그렇게까지 폭식해야 할 이유가 있을까요? 잠시 유명해지려고 폭식하다가 3일 꿂는 게 정상인가요? 건강을 해치는 행위를 하지마세요

  8. 대단쓰👍세계적인 푸드파이터 고바야시 선수도 그렇고 날씬한 분들중에 의외로 대식가가 많은거 같아요~

  9. Makes me too happy seeing Way and the girl eating that much, for me it seems they are happy and healthy <3 Way Unnie, Fighting! Your channel is amazing, lots of love from Venezuela <3

  10. 사실 하루 한끼라고 하지만 엄청난 칼로리 일텐데 날씬한 분들은 남다른 체질을 타고난분들이 아닐까 싶어요 거기에 강철같은 위장이 합쳐지면 가능하지 않을까요 그저 신기할 따름ㅎㅎ

  11. This comment is addressed to the person who translates the videos into English: Thank you very much for your work.

  12. Starving yourself and then gorging on huge quantities is a good way to have a short lifespan. She's young, so it hasn't caught up with her yet. The body cannot well digest massive amounts of food at one time. That should be common sense.

  13. Kia.. 어마어마한 그 많던 양들을 다 드셨다..라.. 대박입니다!! Great~ ㅋㅋ
    리얼 식성 강한편이군요 🙂

  14. I’ve changed my mind, I don’t wan to take either of you out for a meal, it would be too expensive !!! 💕💕💕💕

  15. 먹방 요청댓글단적이 있는데 일케 보게되서 조아영
    이모 과식하지 마시고 계속 예뻐주세영

  16. 저는 걸그룹들이 하는 다이어트인 위를 줄이기 위해 음식량을 조절하며 조금씩 자주 먹는 습관이 건강에 좋다고 생각해요

  17. Si que comen demasiado los felisito ambas dos nose como lo hacesn para comer tanto yo solo me como un platillo sadudos de mexico

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