던파 6월 직업계급표 중위권 직업추천 「대격변」

던파 6월 직업계급표 중위권 직업추천 「대격변」

“What’s the synergy adjustment patch?” “Who are they telling me to pick as my preference?” “…Sorry.” “The pure DPS made such a fuss that I didn’t have a choice.” “To make up for it, here’s a coin-based crane game event” “so you can earn Unique gems and insignias!” “Rruining a new character’s concept…” “have you gone insane?” “Happy… I’m gonna start going all out.” “Since there’s not an obvious person to pick as preference…” “Yeah,” “I’ll just pick myself from now on.” This June, an entire 2130 people voted for this month’s popularity list. 41: Rogue (0) Her rank is the same as last month, it has not budged up nor down. With a dagger, there’s great cooldown reduction and clean sustained damage. With dual blades, Rogue shows off her outstanding burst. Right now, Dual Blade Rogue is really strong. If you were hesitant on playing Rogue due to how much she moves mobs, that’s not as relevant in the Groggy meta, and she’s a strong pure dps that’s not difficult to play. In Prey, she shows off her outstanding speed. Combine that with Side Step and Breaking Rush for evasion, along with the fact skills like Lightning Arrow, Sonic Assault, Excel Strike are all grab-type skills, and so are convenient to use with their i-frames. So a class that’s this good being at the bottom of the middle-tier is probably due to her skills failing to go through when there’s lag, her incredibly fragile body that requires invulnerability and evasion to survive, and the fact she has to play around her conditional, Hit End, but there’s also the very prominent fact in the difference between Dagger and Dual Blade. Due to the ease of play with a dagger, there were just as many dagger Rogues as there were DB Rogues, Dagger hits weaker than Dual Blade in return for a lot more cooldown reduction, and while it’s fun and able to put in damage often, the reality of the situation is that a lot of damage is dished in a burst period during Apo + Groggy, and Dual Blade’s burst is incredibly high that Dagger struggles to compete. This issue with the difference between the two weapons and her skills failing to connect from lag is why she has not risen in rank. Despite that, I think Rogue is a very strong pure dps right now. 40: Witch (+11) It’s true that Witch is the best class at flying, but this class, who used to be sisters with Battle Mage at the bottom, has flown up to the middle tier off the back of a single patch. This is a class who had great cooldown reduction due to Showtime, but struggled to do burst due to channeling. Given how the sequential balance patches are mainly just damage buffs, Witch is an outlier in how much changes she’s received outside of just damage. Delay reduction on 1A, 2A, Frosty, Drill, Furnace, Broomstick Spin, Rain and Lava duration for damage condensed, as these problems are fixed at once, a synergy with high cooldown reduction suddenly now sees that they’ve got high burst. The class is on the low-side for difficulty, but boasts great holding and “wooo” survivability as she flies to avoid skills. It was inevitable she would rise up. Witch is a really good class right now. 39: Dragoon (+4) In May, he was buffed, and quite well at that. Given Deimos was designed to be used in Beast, so his sustained damage through dash x-string and Servant Lance was already quite good, but with huge buffs to Buffalo Fall and decent buffs to Locust Burning, Wing Skewer, and SL: Assault, the class got busier to play, but his sustained damage become a lot stronger. On the burst side, he got buffed as well, so Deimos has strong burst and decent sustained damage for a pure dps. He has comfortable auto-fire on Lances and is totally a Light-Type, Physical, Fixed Character (???) Light-Type Physical Fixed Character (???) “If you don’t want to die” “then say it properly” (lol) Neutral-Ele, Magical, Percent Character If you want to play a strong pure dps Lancer, this month’s rank 39, Deimos, is the one I’d recommend. 38: Monk (-3) Do you remember the November patch? Twister was removed in favor of a new skill, Cork Screw Blow, alongside buffs to Ducking Straight, Ducking Body Blow, and damage buffs to some cube skills to make his burst and sustained damage both decently stronger. 7 months later, he’s already gotten another balance patch full of buffs. On top of that, they’re very good. Exquisite Combo 10%, Cork Screw Blow, 11.9% Heavenly Combo 7.3%, Hurricane Roll 7.5%, Demolition Punch 9.9% Atomic Chopper 10.3% (T/N plz stop) His big damage skills got buffed to hit even harder while his awakenings got buffed: Wrath of God 5% and Big Bang Punch 6.9% For Tay Light and Cloth, the overall damage buff might not be too big, but other armor sets definitely saw a large gain with this set of buffs. This hasn’t hit live yet (T/N it just did), but these changes were very good. It’s true that players have to be concerned about his range and hitboxes on his skills, an animation-canceling character with cooldown reduction has both his sustained and burst increased massively. Combine that with Duck and Sway i-frames, so Water Bottle? Not anymore. (T/N Cause blue hands) God Bless Water Bottle-I mean Monk. I can say this for certain, Monk is now a really good pure dps. 37: Glacial Master (+12) A thought a score rise of 20.2% would be the end of it, really, but we see another rise of 5.64% this month. This shows how big the April patch was for him. You see, the class called Glacial Master doesn’t have a high difficulty level, his high elemental damage means his elemnore counter his hard. Ice Sword, Grand Shatter, Broken Arrow, these lower level skills combined with Ice Craft boasts outstanding sustained damage. It’s really quite similar to Aiolos in how he cycles through low level skills, but Aiolos uses them because he doesn’t have a choice, while Glacial uses them because they’re just really good. The difference is huge. Now that Glacial’s burst is really strong post-patch, he’s a really good class now. Go play Glacial! It’s not a joke anymore. Go play Ice boy. 36: Necromancer (0) Despite a 3.06% loss in score, she doesn’t go up nor down in the ranks. To be entirely honest, if for a month I left her out on the lists, most people would probably not notice. That’s how low-popularity she is, combine that with her last patch being back in August and shouldn’t she be in the bottom 20? It really shows how much potential Necro has. Thanks to her high natural shadow elemental damage, her elemnore counter is great, but really her high damage comes from the sustained damage of Nicholas and Vallacre. Thus, her kit really fits the Prey meta despite everything. That’s why she’s high despite having almost a year of no patches, and it helps her burst isn’t far behind other pure dps anyways. But then, there’s skills like Black Arachnia, Black Wave, Black Energy Wave, which are in a pretty bad state right now, while she really struggles for every last point of SP, TP, and cast speed, and she’ll need a rework on the skill-tree side, but still Necro is maintaining her position as a decent pure dps as spot 36 on the list. 35: Redeemer (-2) Redeemer has a bunch of skills she can fit in 20s multiple times like Pride Axel, Slothful Body, and Rolling Rush, alongside the god-status passive of First Prana’s extra damage. This character’s pretty decent at putting in sustained damage also has 30s of 10% cooldown reduction on her 1A transform’s finishing attack, alongside i-frames on guillotine and powerful guarding from Slothful Body, making an incredibly sturdy class who can heal herself too, who’s fast, able to mob gather, and has ridiculous holding. Evasion and gap closing also dealt with by 2x Cut-In dash. Freely able to select between synergy and pure dps. This is a class who’s go so much things going for her. Especially, her transform gives her super armor for the whole duration, speed and survivability increased, plus animation delay reduction. And the moment you’re about to say “Wow this class is amazing” you learn stuff like her Transform is only temporary. She’s a synergy of the future who can pick between the two and you learn that there’s no future. She was forgotten in the June balance patch. So when has she gotten a balance patch? After her release and getting her 2nd awakening, in the past entire 2 years she has not gotten one balance patch. She can quite literally do everything, but without a clear future… will she even receive a balance patch? Good luck Redeemer. 34: Stormtrooper (+8) This rank increase doesn’t show how great the balance patch actually was. I’ve said this last month, but problems like 2A hitbox problems, 1A + Extruder + FSC-7 skill delays, Quantum Bomb, FSC-7, FM-92, and FM-92 SW super armor, Cannon boll range and hitbox issues. all of these were fixed alongside the weak damage of Laser buffed an entire 62.2%. Everything was pretty good, but the Laser buff was pretty massive. You see, it has a passive attached called Charge Laser Rifle is maxed at level 1, which means extra levels to this passive is insanely powerful. With Tay leather, the skill becomes pretty much 20% stronger, but given the skill is used multiple times in 20s like Steyr, it makes Tay Leather pretty broken in both sustained and burst damage. “So kind of like with Berserker, the ranking of Tay armor has changed for this class…” “Should I be going for Supertay Leather now?” Well, if you have the materials and leisure to do so, you can, but I would not recommend it. Why? Cause it’ll get reset any–oops “(This channel does not leak the secrets of the sky)” Stormtrooper that’s gotten patched, she’s not difficult to play while her burst is really strong, and given her sustained damage is decent, if you like guns, then I’d recommend this class to you. 33: Male Mechanic (+11) The May patch really changed a lot of things for Prime. The old skills of Tempester and Mech Drop, goodbye~ The buffed Trap Runner and Viper damage redefines Prime as a burst character. 28.8% buff to RX-60 Trap Runner, removal of the difficult-to-land explosion damage on Viper and integrating it into the rest of the skill’s damage, alongside overall damage buffs and is now the epitome of explosive burst. This class doesn’t have an especially difficult mechanics to play, but casting a bunch of skills beforehand is very important for Prime to do burst. Add in the fact you’ll have to deal with ‘FIRE’ a lot. Prime’s damage has really improved and you can trust him to fill the role of your pure dps in raids. This really strong burst pure dps is this month’s rank 33. 32: Male Spit (-4) When you think of sustained damage, you think Macro! I mean, Marshal, and his rank has fallen is because as more and more people get multiple Prey equipment, many raid groups have became able to reliably kill bosses in one groggy. Combine that with the fact his patch was back in March, and given three months of strong balanced patches, he’s one of the classes getting pushed down as a result, Back in March, his overall kit was readjusted and his burst was increased heavily. This is a class that really embodies base gunner and his difficulty isn’t too high, although his huge reliance on his x-string to do damage can be unhealthy for your fingers and wrists. On top of his x-string, there’s Pistol Carbine, Napalm, Buster Shot, and Cross Fire for sustained damage, but the reliance on these skills also means there’s no time to rest. Still, the class is ranged and decently easy, so if you really like male Gunner, I can recommend Macro, I mean Marshal, as a pure dps right now. 31: Female Striker (+3) We saw a unbelievably huge rise last month, but I think she’s settled in her position now. Much like Tyrant, Kaiser’s a melee burst character with animation canceling and cooldown reduction, with Rising Fist, One Inch Punch, Lightning Dance, Bone Crusher, and Mountain Pusher, a character who cycles through her low-cooldown skills often, but Lightning Dance in groggy in a 1v1 situation hits ridiculously hard. Add in the fact her burst skills got buffed in a recent patch, and she’s a pure dps who hits really hard. Being able to constantly use Bone Crusher and Mountain Pusher in combination with her boxing gloves cdr while fitting in One Inch Punch, Lightning Dance, and Rising Fist in between means she can do decent sustained damage while there’s also plenty of super armor, muscle shift animation cancel, and x-string mobility to keep herself safe. Add in the fact her burst is very strong, if you want to make a character who’s all about the action, Kaiser is an easy recommendation and this month’s rank 31. 30: Shadow Dancer (-4) Shadow Dancer’s got a transform-type 2A called Chain Reaction, which isn’t infinite duration, but it does come with a finishing attack. These Chain Dagger skills hit quite hard and their scaling was also incredibly high, but we saw a nerf to this in the Synergy Adjustment patch alongside Fbrawl and Soulbringer. To be honest, I thought they wouldn’t nerf Shadow Dancer because her transform wasn’t permanent, but whether they considered it part of sustained damage or considered its damage simply too high, it was nerfed regardless. “So is Shadow Dancer a bad class now?” That’s definitely not the case. The reliance on 2A and the backattack conditional is pretty severe, given that she was miles above every other synergy in terms of burst, even if the nerf was large, she’s still strong. So why isn’t her public perception going up? Why is “my party’s Shadow Dancer” so weak? This character is very high difficulty and without her 2A, struggles to do sustained damage. But she’s required to do back attacks to do that small amount of sustained damage. Hence doing her potential damage is really, really hard. Add in any variables from a real raid or any kind of lag, and her realistic damage falls significantly harder from what she should be able to do. Plus, her population is tiny, so I think she will struggle to ever get a high rank in public perception. Despite all that, her burst is still outstanding. She’s still really fun and her PvP is great, so if you like high-risk characters, you should try hear at least once. 29: Male Launcher (+2) He was buffed in May, but his rise in rank isn’t really much of a rise. Steyr, Laser, Flame Pillar, 21% damage boosts his lacking sustained damage has been improved a bit, alongside reduced cooldowns to skills like Quantum Bomb reduced by 2s alongside damage boosts to big cube skills for much stronger burst. Given Destroyer is an easy ASDF class that doesn’t have to worry about conditionals, animation canceling, being in melee, or penalties, alongside the burst of his 1A and 2A which feels so good to watch the HP bar drop. Let it fire, let it go, watch it burn. Since it’s easy to put in damage between the low difficulty and high range, his realistic performance in a raid is really good. Destroyer is this month’s rank 29. 28: Dimension Walker (+11) These rises in rank month after month make it feel like he’s on a winning streak. Off just the March patch, he’s rising and he’s not stopping. His burst is just that strong. First of all, his 1A passive, Distort Destiny, was buffed resulting in an overall damage boost There was a damage buff to his filler skills with the exception of his x-string, but really his cube skills saw a huge damage boost. Especially his awakening that he uses alongside Nyarly, Forbidden Banquet, is the great 2A of DnF. It’s true that there’s the conditional of Crawling Mist and Dimensional Ore, but the problems of his weak defenses have been dealth with thanks to Delusional Flames damage reduction, resulting in a cheap, strong pure dps who has the advantage of being fixed, which makes it easy to recommend. 27: Male Brawler (-5) This is an interruption to the streak of classes rising in rank. This was a synergy dps who had really strong burst, but that’s the thing, he was. As the sequential balance patches come, his burst no longer is so outstanding, combined with the nerf to synergies with the Synergy Adjustment patch, and his low population, all culminate in this result of his lowering rank. But his realistic dps is still good. For sustained dadmage, there’s Needle Throw, Mount, Dirty Barrel, Venom Mine, and by using Dirty Barrel command for 5% cdr, you can fit it in twice for Groggy. Thus, his burst is still decent, and plus he was buffed recently! Of course in PvP. “Yo. Come here bastard”
(T/N Koreans like to curse a lot, especially in movies) High burst and inexpensive synergy, Male Brawler is this months rank 27. 26: Blade Master (+26) This is the greatest rise for this month, omn1blade, I mean Omniblade. (T/N Koreans would put 1 in the middle of curse words to get past the filter, and so putting numbers in class names=”trash class”) His buff was just this good. His sustained damage skills like Draw Sword, Swift, and Rise all got damage buffs while Draw Sword and Raging Dragon Slash were improved, while Lightning Draw Sword, Omnislay, UBD-Lightning, and Telekentic Swords all got large buffs. He got a huge range of buffs. A class with high cooldown reduction now has high sustained damage while his burst has been buffed incredibly high, and so this kind of rise is only natural. There wre buffs to alternate weapons like Zan and Bludgeon so that other weapons are meaningful, while Katana got bug fixes and damage buffs so there is more merit to using it. Katana Omni is no longer a joke, and with Tay Leather and Prey earring, is a real force to be reckoned with. There is no more omn1blade but omni.blade 25: Dark Lancer (+1) In March, he got a huge patch across the board, and then in May, there was another patch where he even got a new skill. This is a special class that got buffed twice in the Sequential balance patches. Although it is true that Hitman and Paladin are technically part of June’s balance patch, but… hmmm… Adidas. (nope) This is a class who’s always been a decent holder and had large skill AoEs, who has high innate elemental damage for strong elemnore counter. With the 1A cooldown reduction, he can fit in the new skill 3 times in 20s, alongside multiple Ankle Cuts, Spiral Rush, Piercing Drives, and now the used-to-be-bottom-tier Dark Lancer is on the brink of the top 20. He’s quite a strong synergy now. 24: Enchantress (-4) Hmm…. Looks like the inevitable has happened. A new character, a buffer at that, is in the mid-tier. Within the 1 pure dps 2 synergy meta, this new character should have thrived. She’s become obsolete with the Synergy Adjustment patch. In both 1 dps 2 syn and 2 dps 1 syn groups, it’s hard to know who to pick as your Preference. Not only does the party damage change based on the person you pick, the other two members struggle to survive with a weak defensive buff while also having a weak offensive buff. That’s on top of her naturally weak defensive buffs, hence she has to constantly heal her team, but applying ele shred and Destiny Puppet repeatedly also result in a high difficulty. Combine that with a lack of Repentance for Fiend War, and her strong offensive buff fails to bring enough merit to the otherwise lacking class. There’s 3 simple reasons to why she’s down here: 1: In a game where damage is everything, only one person is allowed to have high damage. 2: Not only do the other two people hit lower, but they take a lot more damage and risk dying. 3: Her high difficulty makes her performance falloff a lot higher than other buffers. Yet on top of all these, as an INT-based buffer, she’s expensive to gear, and for all these reasons she’s the first buffer not in the top-tier. 23: Berserker (+17) A class being buffed in March having a rise this high now is amazing, really. He’s definitely been buffed really well. He is a melee dps, but he’s very easy to play, while it’s not as relevant in FW, his survivability is actually really high in Prey, while the patch improved his leveling efficiency so Leather Berserker is very good, he does have decent cooldown reduction, although it is conditional, and he’s got a plethora of low cooldown skills to do sustained damage with. On top of all that, he doesn’t have to attempt for the hell that is +12 reinforcing as he’s fixed, the amazing cheap combo of fixed + STR-based. This is a character you can trust to do a pure dps’s damage for sure. 22: Inquisitor (+1) We can see with Inquisitor as well, many of the classes buffed in March have risen quite a lot. That’s just really how strong that balance patch was. I can still remember the EMART days where high channeling classes were made fun of, but the channeling’s been reduced somewhat and her burst was buffed a ton now. Thanks to the free time now, she can cast skills like Firebomb, Essence, Castigating Wallop, Punishing Wallop, and Christening Fire multiple times within 20s while also being strong for sustained damage and her animation canceling lets her do it quickly. She went from struggling to put in skills due to channeling to having strong burst alongside a lot of free time, so she’s really a strong burst synergy, but honestly? Inquisitor really severely needs a patch. She’s got this really stunning trailer that holds you in awe and then she has this 2A cut-in instead. Teacher, please patch this. 21: Shaman (-6) Much like Summoner, she failed to get buffed the 3% everyone else did by virtue of having been a 20%-er. It seems almost due to that alone, this is the first time she’s out of the top 20. But even then, she’s still at the top of the middle-tier, and the gods she served looked down on her and gave her a balance patch this month. Normally, this was a synergy with ridiculous sustained damage thanks to Rosary Gun got a 15 damage buff to Rosary Gun. *GASP* “So Shaman will be scam-tier OP right” Well… they fixed her 1A passive double dipping on Rosary Gun, and the buff only somewhat accommodates. Still, her overall damage is much higher now Power Orb, Rosary Cannon, Soul Magnet, Holy Comet, her 1A, 2A, all got a decently large damage buff, and her Rosary Prison, normally unused because of its long channeling, was buffed an entire 17.4%. It’s hard to argue not using it now, that’s how strong it is. A synergy with strong sustained damage now has high burst, while she’s still a ranged character with a teleport and outstanding damage reduction. When even one of these is great for Prey, Shaman has it all. As her synergy goes from 20% to 34%, she’ll also be more valuable to parties, and the delayed buffs are finally here this month, so I think she’s become a lot better overall. She may have fallen out of the top 20, but I think she’ll be back up next month. For this month though, Shaman is rank 21. This month’s ranks were heavily influenced by the sequential balance patches, especially the mid tier. We can see classes buffed heavily skyrocket while those buffed less are rising much slower. Now that we know June’s balance patches, I really hope to see what happens when it hits live. 2130 people voted for this month’s list. This video ends here. If you liked the video, please like and subscribe. Thank you, this was Ohhyungjjang!

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  15. 던파 하지는 않는데 예~~ㅅ날에 했던거라 가끔 보는데 재밋네요 ㅎㅎ 그런데 이해못하는 용어가 몇몇 있어서 ㅜㅜ 초보자들이 보기에도 편하게 용어 설명 간단하게 구석에 해주셨으면 ㅎㅎ;;

  16. 영상 누가만든거죠? 대다내
    추신)왜 내가 키울때쯤에 너프를 하는겨? 내 계정이 기준인가? 너프 사전 있는거 아님?

  17. 인챈트리스 영상만 따로 올려주심 안되나요오 정말 좋은데.. 성우 녹음도 조흔데.. 아쉽네 쩝

  18. 영상 퀄리티 엄청 좋네요! 다만 아쉬운 점은 시야가 좁아져서 갑갑한 느낌이 들고… 영상이 일부만 보여서 좀 답답하네요ㅠㅠ
    그리고 텍스트만 나올때는 심심한 느낌이 많이드네요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  19. 던파할때부터 마도만 팠다 마도관련 잘아는데 떡상했다해도 항상그랬듯 조마난 내려갈거다… 마도만팠다

  20. 이단심판관 제발 버서커 상향하듯이 상향좀ㅠㅠ 블래스턱, 개노답 버복치는 존버 성공했는데 이단은 진짜 너무 답답ㅠㅠ

  21. 2년만에 던파 개판됬다길래 어떻게됬나싶어서 복귀각재고있는데 오형짱님 영상 퀄리티도 엄청올랐네요

  22. 19:53 그래서 유저들이 이단은 2각컷 트레일러 영상버전으로 쓰시는분들이 많죠

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