Инвестиции в ЭкоСистему 2-Day | Arcade Invest | Народный проект

Инвестиции в ЭкоСистему 2-Day | Arcade Invest | Народный проект

Hey. Online Dmitry
Antoshkin. 1. I am an expert in crowdfunding
and multi-level crowdfunding or in simple words, everything
what is associated with investing to startups through folk
financing. Own way I started an investor in 2014.
For all this time I got vast experience in the field of investment.
Lost money many times. But also many times
multiplied them. Total I invested about
1 million rubles. For this to me there is something to tell you.
2. In this video I will tell about one of 8 projects,
where have I already invested money. It’s not even some
one project is a whole eco system called
she is 2Day. Project directly eSports related yes
yes you heard right about eSports and everything related to gaming
industry. I consider this the project is very promising
for several reasons. About which I will tell you now. Watch this video to the end,
in the end I will show how much eSportsmen earn
entering the top 10 of the World rating and how much can
make money on this fast-growing industry now.
The first important factor that influenced my decision
this is an annual market growth an average of 30% per year and this
the trend remains last 5 years. Thereby becoming
attractive for both large and small
investors. And now you see the article
from RBC released a year ago, where does the market say
Russia takes 3rd place in the world ranking. And this
says that on our you can earn in the market
big money. And it is only Russian market, I emphasize !!!
Unfortunately for 2019, I I haven’t found statistics yet,
more precisely, it is not there at all. But surely she’s still
better than 2018. And we smoothly move on to
factor number 2, namely command. As you understand
without a good driver for driving a car if
it’s even a super car. With inexperienced the driver you are clearly far
you won’t leave. And most likely before the first turn. I agree?
Write in the comments. Over the implementation of the project
work team now more than 20 people. And driving
experienced guys are sitting. ABOUT which I now detail to you
I will tell. – Alexey Morozov – general
Director 2day. Financial the director of bazar.com has
experience in creating e-sports club and the creation of cyber
sports teams. And has experience in cyber sports
competitions. Those. this is exactly the person who
fully understands the whole esports cuisine because
that he has cooked for many years in this borsch.
– The second member of the team is Mikhail Gostev, Investor
and investment analyst. Has successful experience
in a number of crowdfunding projects. Author of workshops
on investing. I personally I know Mikhail and I can
say with confidence what can this person
trust. – The third important member of the team
this is Alexander Mokiyanov, Lawyer in IT, eSports
and investment. Manager partner of the law firm “Mokiyanov & Partners”.
First lawyer to win eSports lawsuit.
Next important point is a legal policy
company. Company registered in the Russian Federation,
her activities are completely complies with the law
RF Company Documentation corresponds to the entered
by virtue of crowdfunding law. There are all necessary and
clear documents for all investors.
Next we have the core of the whole ecosystems are neglected
projects that already bring profit for us. And a project that
will be launched this spring of the year. I repeat 2Day – conceived
as an ecosystem of several gaming products
which allow to reduce advertising and other expenses
for each of them. This gives huge advantage
in relation to competitors. And to make you feel better
understand right now come on let’s go to Yandex.ru website which
enjoyed by millions of people daily. Go to
home page, click “More” further “All resources”
And then immediately become understand what the ecosystem looks like
Yandex and what it consists of. In general, what is an ecosystem
generally. Next i think not worth continuing.
And the first active product this is Game2day news portal,
which is visited by more 1,000,000 people per month. it
also Communities on VKontakte, YouTube, Twitch, twitter and more others, in total
about 135,000 subscribers. This is daily news.
games, e-sports, technology, Cinema and the Internet. About modern
fun and best games Of the world. News portal
Game2day brings together hundreds of thousands gamers. All of them are potential
online store customers Play2Day to which we are seamlessly
we are moving now. And as you already understood the store
Play2Day is the second acting product. First version
site was launched in March 2019 year. Throughout
years, the site was constantly transformed and finalized. And to this
day, he continues to adjust under the realities of the gaming market.
Currently underway huge job of building
end customer trust. Since there are a lot of scammers on the network.
For all investors, a guide monthly, closed
group in VK, shows progress report
in numbers. Most likely you have
a question. Are there any competitors at the store? At this stage
the company will not compete with big players like
Steem as it sells copies games including distributed
and activated via Steem. When a company sells
the entire ecosystem in full volume. And will reach a certain
level of development. She plans take a top position
in the global gaming market. Now the store already has
some differences, namely tasks that you can perform
and get internal for it currency. And then commit
on her shopping inside the store. There is also a generous affiliate
program. Many different bonuses and buns.
Next item go lootboxes. Lootboxes are
independent part store that brings
profit for us. This is his kind of lottery. Only she
win-win. I emphasize win-win. therefore
she enjoys a huge number of players. I will bring
an example of how this works. You buy a case, a chest
whatever you like, conditionally for 500 rubles. and at autopsy
you can get, for example, a game that costs 5-10-20
thousand rubles. Or some artifact from the popular
games that can also costs 10 thousand rubles.
Shop earns on what people pay
these cases. Part goes to winnings, part of the income
company. And now let’s talk
about our flagship Social wide range 2DAY network
communication opportunities, discussions, creating clans
and thematic communities – now she is
in developing. The launch will take place in April of this year. Competitors
the market is now simple NOT. It’s like Steam tried
create, but he has nothing did not work out.
That social network will give a huge push into the promotion of the whole
our ecosystem. Social network this is a driver that
lead us to great results. Which
it’s hard to imagine. Calculate capitalization
and social network profitability just not possible. it
maybe 1000 and 10 – thousand percent. In general, time
everything will show. Now let’s go over
on the road map who don’t knows what road
map, explain! This is his kind of company development plan
for a certain period time. Now you see
ecosystem development plan 2Day from June 18 to May 20
of the year. I get ahead of myself right away all goals and objectives prescribed
in plan, the team is successful performed at the moment
time. And now for more details about it. How do you see startanuli
guys in June 18, a little more than 1.5 years ago.
We started with the development of the store. After 6 months in december 18
years store development was successfully completed.
Then it took more 3 months to be successful
run the store. Launch first version of the store
was produced in March 19 years old. 3 months later in
June 19 we got the first dividends. And later still
6 months, in December 19 we received a second payout
on dividends. Dividends at the start did not work out
big ones. Total for 9 months 2DAY project has earned
about 500 000 rub. And all that money were distributed to all
investors. As I already said earlier, the store all 9 months
constantly modernized changed. Endured a lot
useful changes and improvements. And it worked all this time
without advertising, but as we know advertising is an important engine
trade. All this time team tested hypotheses
sales. At the beginning of this year, let’s call
these were the “tests” finished. And just now
powerful promotion begins our stores through bloggers,
social networks and many others other advertising platforms. What will entail
natural growth sales and revenue growth.
Dividends from this year will always be paid
once a quarter. In April, in July, October and January.
Profit sharing happens as follows
50% of income always belongs investors and 50% owned
company. And we have the last
item is the purchase of shares companies and what income
they can bring us. And then I’ll talk about dollar
millionaires who earn its millions.
Shares can be purchased in several ways.
The first way is to do one-time purchases, the price of one
the shares are now 3999 rub. 1.5 years back when the guys only
started and the risks were huge, share price then
was only 750 rubles. and during all the time the price is constant
increased and risks decreased. Now the risks are very minimal
because already have existing BUSINESSES. Further the price will be
only grow. As you see I have 65 shares. I bought
them exactly a year ago when the price was 2000 rubles. per share.
Also there are comfortable, interest-free installments. Choose convenient
for yourself a package of shares 10-20-30 pieces and pay over
6 or 12 months equal parts. In installments there
more discounts, look, buy for example 10 shares and you get
3% discount, you buy 30 share and get a discount
at 7% . Maximum discount may be 15%.
And there are promotional shares, but they will end soon.
This story is valid until the end of February 20. But
here you need to immediately make all sum. For example, you can
buy 2 shares where the price is for one is 2550r. Total
5100 r. But I already bought these shares someone. We look further ..
Here. Can buy now two shares but the price is already for
one share of 3,500 rubles. Or for example 10 shares where the price is already for
one 3200 rub. And the most interesting thing now
you see the forecasted graph income and cost per 1
share. Painted in blue price growth chart over
3 years. Now one share costs 4000 rubles. And in a year
it may already cost 10-15 thousand roubles. In two years
about 50 thousand rubles. And through three years maybe all 100 thousand
rub. It is certainly optimistic forecast. But even if implemented
for example, 20-30% of the planned I will be very pleased because
capitalization of my investments will be already 1500-2000%. Tell me
please where is it possible for 2-3 years to get at least
500%? and 1500-2000% THIS is far NOT LIMIT for this project,
It’s a question of time. Purple color do you see
dividend schedule per share. It shows the annual
Revenue ONLY from stores. I emphasize only from
the store. And we see that within 3 years you can go
for income of 30 thousand rubles per year per share. For example,
now you take in installments 20-30 shares for 12 months. AND
in 1-3 years you get liability 500-600 thousand rubles
in year. I think not bad result. What do you think?
As I said earlier, revenue from the social network is not taken into account, because
that it is not possible to count. Since the network has a huge
number of monetization methods. And income from social networks can
be 10-ki and 100-times more than from the store.
Now you should have the question is, why else sell
shares if the company is already making money. I answer
we have a social network that still in implementation. Plus development
and scaling all projects. And current work
just beginning the path to payback. So much more
ahead, but we need it investments.
A total of 60,000 shares were issued, implemented a little more
30,000. And I think most likely sell the entire balance
no shares. Because company theoretically
can get good profit coming in the coming
months. And the less shares the greater the profit. And as promised at the beginning, I tell
about eSports dollar millionaires. And I’ll start a little
from the story. The first eSports oddly enough it was officially
called up in Russia and only then all over the world. it
was 19 years ago. July 25th 2001 year. And June 7, 2016
an order was published about turning on cyberspot
in the register of official species sports of the Russian Federation. Now in some
universities teach theory and the cyberspotra technique.
Also now computer sports put on a par
with football, hockey and basketball. And the winners of major competitions
pay huge fees. Where is the money from? The main
source of money are major brands mostly
these are game publishers themselves. Exactly they organize the majority
computer tournaments. It helps sell
their games to ordinary users. And hold the multimillion
the audience. And the most popular disciplines
are PS – “The path to financial
freedom always lies through risks remember this ” —- Dmitry Antoshkin —-
Dota 2 with a total prize fund of 87 million dollars.
COP Guo 33 million dollars. Start craft 27 million
american dollars. Broo, and that’s not all
the list goes on and continue.
And now the salaries. General Manager Virtus Roman
Dvoryankin in an interview with Ria News outlined the actual
players monthly salary according to DotA, it’s 10,000 dollars
in month CS Go is 7,000 thousand. At than this is not yet top-end RFP.
If we talk about the team which are in the top 10 of the world
rating. Then there are salaries can reach up to 35,000 dollars
in month But of course get into the top
The teams are incredibly difficult. And all that is not in the top, then there
does not smell like money and fame and mud and fish. therefore
games by games, and life outside monitor frames for me
much more interesting. Though!!! eSportsmen with me
vryatli agree. Nooo that’s why they are cybersportsmen.
And who could think ?? what This story will pick up such
huge scale. But I’m not talking about that …. what would you
now ran and rocked the counter or dota. I’m about you
still you can catch it your tidbit from this
multi-billion dollar cake. It was I Dmitry Antoshkin
don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel.
There are still many promising projects on my channel.

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