АСМР Купидон 👼💘 ASMR Cupid

АСМР Купидон 👼💘 ASMR Cupid

Hi . Shh, shh, shh. You’re in the middle of nowhere. so you can see me. on the eve of Valentine’s Day. that I really can’t stand. so much work, so many requests would have decided to change their fate. but no, everyone is hoping for cupids. but that’s not what we’re talking about. don’t move, or it’s a state of semi-slummer. could easily disappear and since you wished so much, dreamed, fantasized. to see me for real. so your dreams and desires are quite sincere. so tell me what you want. dream of who you dream of about a boy, about a girl? about a big orgy it’s just that everyone has completely different needs especially… yes… You just want pure and sincere love? to be together for life and always? laudably instead of just trying to wait? or break new ground in your search new sensations home, work, study… well, well, well. Or maybe for the sake of your worst enemy’s interest, we can get in touch with your boss? Why are you looking at me like that? In fact, it just seems like throwing arrows of love lovely potions, magic powder– it’s fun. but sometimes you want to make a difference You think we don’t hang out with my sisters and make weird couples? And then there’s the action and “oh, horror, how could we meet?” But it’s so interesting to watch them. So maybe… Let’s call in a neighbor who’s always swearing at you. or teachers or anybody else With some nasty character. can arrange both you and me having more fun What? Did you think the Cupids behaved differently? Times change, customer requests change, and we change. your vulgar thoughts turn us into little demons. seriously do you know how many requests for a client to be brought together with multiple partners? boys with boys, girls with girls with a family of ten so… classic love, tenderness and romance quite a bit so your request for pure, sincere love it’s atypical. maybe I can even help you. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out okay. I’m not gonna be a prankster. your eyes are kind and you’re cute yourself. maybe you’re the one who deserves to be happy. joys, loves loyalty I can see it in you. which means you’ll find your soul mate. who will also be faithful, kind, honest. Okay . Now close your eyes. I’ll see how many on this planet the right candidates for you close your eyes imagine think of the right person start out as a quality kindness, honesty poetry skills or some sexual skills any qualities that you’d like to see but remember, you have to be just as good yourself. don’t fantasize about the perfect person you don’t match. or else it won’t work out. start out as a person talents introduce what she looks like either he start off as a growth hair colour physiques Imagine him or her hands. legs person eyes lips nose visualize as you see it. keep your eyes open Focus on that. this person’s aura his energy Imagine you traveling together. how you will behave optionally How you eat together. How you love each other. How do you just sit together play, read look at the stars… imagine the closeness of the moment and keep that image in your head. let’s see who’s gonna be your soul mate. I see several candidates That you can live with the way you think you can. different people can have anything they want. some even had cats reflected here. and some have money. you’ve got very good people showing up. and as I see it, the relationship you’d like to have may be the same. Quite a few of your possible halves. but how are you going to spin your fate how you’re gonna move and what you’re gonna do. what choice to make in a given situation depending on which of these halves you meet. with someone for a split second and with someone for life. I’ll help you out a little. Now I’m using a special pollen. it is used as part of cupid’s arrows. when it comes to falling in love with someone else. I don’t think you need this approach. Still, I can see that your soul and heart are pure. and no thought of actors, singers… only if in the form of a funny joke so you and I won’t be needing any arrows. Yeah, with arrows, one creature can fall in love with another. but it will be artificial love. because they just won’t understand why it happened. and the effect can be dispelled when the real half meets. and with a lot of initial character negativism. I’ve already talked about it. it’s funny to bring the bad guys together they still can’t handle it. even these ways don’t help them. but not the point your love will be sincere, pure, pleasant. and everything will happen by itself. I’m just gonna help you out a little. Don’t wake up, it’s early. If you wake up, I’ll be gone. and I can’t help you. So just relax. So as not to wake up. just like that your heartbeat becomes calm. Pacified yes, I see. Everything has become harmonious. what happens if the arrow hits the cupid? we haven’t done this kind of experiment. I have no idea what may happen it’s unlikely to be anything planned. and the effect will be short-lived. I don’t feel like checking on my own skin. so I don’t know a few drops means for our arrows of pollen crumbling off our wings we’ll put them on you. And it’ll help you choose your way. to get you to meet the right person more quickly. and it’s up to you. over here over here and can you open a little here? where the heart Thank you . and here but Now I need to kiss these places. oddly enough, it’s necessary to consolidate the effect. Don’t be embarrassed, or I’ll be embarrassed too, because it doesn’t happen to me every day. we usually throw arrows. but I want to help you. such nuances when you’re part magic creature and you’ve got it all magically. I have to sacrifice my pen. to make sure you’re all right. and that feather you need to lie from my wing with my consent. so I’m gonna turn around, and you pick the pen that you like best. Just be careful not to hurt me. go with yank show me the pen nice pick Okay, well, it will serve a great purpose. devotion to pure and sincere love it has little pollen on it. I’ll leave it to you. to attract your possible halves to you. if your soul mate’s around? then, if you already know each other. you’ll finally notice her. take a closer look to the people around you and the people you’re dating by accident. You’ll make your own choice. As I saw in the ball. maybe just the ones you can live a happy life with. quite a lot but it’s up to you to decide who it is. and here, behind the ear. it can be tickling but the pollen has to stay everywhere. and by the lobe and by the ear. just like that And on this side. there you go, behind the ear. Along the pelvis and in the heart preferably not to take a shower in the next 24 hours So that everything can be absorbed into the skin and you didn’t wash anything away. when you wake up, don’t be surprised at the pearl tracks. where the pollen was. abstain from water procedures great I feel like your dream is about to take over. and you’re gonna sink into it completely. and you’ll just have dreams. or you’re gonna wake up. You will make the choice take a closer look at the people around you. very soon you’ll realize that maybe it’s your soul mate. and with her or with him, it’ll be exactly as you dreamed. Well, I’m going to go send arrows. In ordinary people. In the hope that someday they’ll think… about sincerity and depth of feeling as it once was yet kindness and love will save the world. Arrows? They’re not very pretty right now. but if you want, I’ll show you previous models are over and this one’s more like a heart stick. if you look closely, you’ll see shimmering highlights. it contains the same substance that makes you fall in love you need to take the bow and this arrow. send out then she comes back to me. goes and goes there’s a little needle, you can’t even see it from afar. it penetrates a person, and magic happens. as you call it there are happy moments my sisters and I, of course, have been ruined for millennia. To be honest. as well as humanity as a whole But many people live together in life. after our magic arrow. you want to see the arrow? you’re not gonna throw it at me? here you go. I think the following models will look more like the old ones. but so far I’m kind of embarrassed. for their arrows that are not like arrows. Ow… why am I such a meltdown point the finger at one’s own boom what happens now I’m getting chilly in the eye there are twofold why are there two of us now? overwhelming desire my other half feels the same way. let’s go on with this stupefying dream.

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  2. Мне хочется любви, оргий, оргий и оргий, самых буйных, самых бесчинных, самых гнусных, а жизнь говорит: это не для тебя — пиши статьи и толкуй о литературе.
    (В. Г. Белинский в письме В. П. Боткину)


  3. Геля: Закрой глаза.
    Я: закрываю через некоторое время открываю
    Геля: Тц, тц, тц! Не открывай глазки!

  4. В видео присутствует:
    -30% Гели.
    -10% Триггеров.
    -20% Разговора.
    -40% Косметики.

  5. может быть факты о тебе? Like если вы согласны.

    (I just translate it I'm not Russian if it's something wrong tell me xdd)

  6. Когда тебе 30 и мама просит внуков.
    О ком мечтаешь?
    О девочке?
    О мальчике?
    О оргии? Скажи блин уже, 30 лет треплю

  7. Вот делают странные парочки и вместо того, чтобы Ноен был с Чейзом теперь Чейз с Чарли, а Ноен с Эбби.

  8. Геля говорит чтобы не проснуться персонажу… А я думала как бы не заснуть, чтобы досмотреть видио…. Очень понравилось 🧡 💛 💚 💙

  9. "Мсье желает девочку? Мсье желает мальчика?
    — Я хочу сюда советского консула!" (с)

  10. По натяжению тетивы в луке понятно, что этот купидон всегда промахивается

  11. Мечтаю , пока быть холостым вот как в армию схожу в этом году потом девушку найду )

  12. Гель, снимай почаще видео! Надеюсь ты про нас не забудешь!!! Жду не даждусь его больше твоих видео ❤️

  13. О, там тот прекрасный мужик с усами из Когтеврана. Именно он должен быть моим

  14. 1:39
    Мечтаю попасть в данганронпу и женится на Кокичи🔫💕

  15. И опять я уснула под ASMR и проснулась в 00:36, и поняла, что не сняла наушники, и начала их искать))) 😅

  16. 9:34 There could be a love candidate for you and there could be a lot of choices, guess what? One of those choices is falling in love with Ricardo Milos

    I died laughing! 😂😂👍

  17. Походу купидон всё-таки попал в тебя , росходимся пацаны Ангелина теперь замужем )

  18. Поздравляю тебя Ангелиночка, наша бусинка ! С твоей свадьбой. Я очень рад за тебя! Живите долго и счастливо! ГОРЬКА!)))))

  19. Starting this video Drunk was W** then was like OHHHH then turned into красивые карие глаза у вас есть

  20. Геля: минус монетизация

    Геля: плюс монетизация

  21. 20:28 мне вспомнилось "Он делал ужасные дела.. Да.. Ужасные, но великие"

  22. Ангелина, из за твоего ролика я поверил в выше силы, если только они такие прекрасные такте как ты!

  23. За Рикардо – лайк) мечтаю прямо с ним флексить в парке, на курорте, дома, после работы)


  25. Чуваки, кто не следит за инстой
    16.02.2020 геля вышла за муж. Зайдите в исэнсту и проверьте. Залайкайте пж

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  27. Ты тут очень красивая, спасибо за прекрасное видео, люблю тебя💜💜💜

  28. Я: открываю глаза, и в этот момент Геля говорит не открывать глаза! Я: ок)

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